Blues Buster Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Blues Buster®: Full Spectrum Light Bulbs, introduces a revolution in light bulb design. Using scientifically formulated glass, Blues Buster actually produces a full spectrum of light like natural sunlight! Unlike ordinary light bulbs which produce unnatural light that can contribute to eye strain, Blues Buster replicates a full spectrum of light similar to real sunlight. So even if it's grey outside, it feels like sunshine inside your home and office!

Beat The Blues

Research has linked depression with sunlight deprivation. It is estimated that nearly 25 million people in the U.S. alone are effected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also called winter depression.This can effect our moods and health in negative ways. Blues Buster light bulbs have developed a full color spectrum of light to bring a light more like natural sunlight into your home!

Reduce Eye Strain

Unlike fluorescent bulbs that flicker, and LEDs that have a narrow spectrum of light, Blues Buster bulbs provide a full spectrum on natural light that reduces glare, reduces eye strain, and lets you read more comfortably.

Professional Uses

See true colors! Great for use in home, office, medical, dental, art studios, and hair and nail salons.

Home: A brilliant place for Blues Buster light bulbs to lighten your mood. Create sunlight in your home. Help for those grey and winter days. Reduces eye strain and glare for reading.

Office: Create a healthy, happy workplace atmosphere for increased productivity. Great for reducing glare by computer screens and reduces eye strain. Wonderful for projects that require correct color analysis.

So How Do They Work?

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Blues Buster introduces a revolution in light bulb design. Blues Buster's full spectrum lighting is achieved by using a specially formulated glass. This glass removes the yellow and brownish spectrum colors from the light. The effect is a light so natural that even if it is grey outside it feels like sunshine inside.

Up To 600% Longer Lasting

Blues Buster's superior and highly durable tungsten element lasts much longer than ordinary light bulbs. And its crafted filament glows brighter. Blues Buster light bulbs provide up to 5,000 hours of light - 6 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

Scientifically Tested

Blues Buster light bulbs have been tested and shown to emit a light spectrum that closely mimics the sun.