Historical Facts

Historical Facts: Blues Buster Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Here are some fun facts to delight and impress your friends.

Thomas Edison would be proud!

Ever since the caveman, people have searched for an alternative to darkness. From crude fire pits and oil soaked torches to quaint gas lamps. Not until Edison's original electric filament bulb in 1879 did man finally achieve light on demand. Except for Blues Buster's full light spectrum technology, little has changed since Edison's revolutionary discovery except higher watt bulbs, "soft light" and energy efficiency.

How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A light bulb 3 feet long, manufactured in Japan operates on regular house current but is 47,300 times brighter than a normal bulb. Wow, that's bright! If it had the same weight-to-lumens ratio as an ordinary bulb, it would weigh over one ton!

Just like the sun!

In 1997 a new star emerged in the light bulb galaxy-Blues Buster! Behind his cool shades and hip exterior, Blues Buster packed the power of full spectrum technology. He turned the light bulb establishment on its ear. Long lasting, cheaper to operate and lots more fun. Who could resist the magic of Blues Buster's sunshine smile?